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  Just Different & Just Me 

    Children Book Series


To Purchase books, please go to Createspace Estore or Thanks for your support to help create empathy and understanding of all that are different.



  The first in a series of books written for the increasing numbers of special ability children mainstreaming into "typical developing" classrooms. These books help encourage  empathy and understanding of children of all abilities. A must read out loud classroom book. Prevent bullying and teasing  now and educate our children that we are all different and it's okay to be different!



 Recommended for ages 5-12.

Classroom setting.

Just Different



A cute short social story to encourage little ones to have empathy for others that are different from them. In different social situations.

Harry Is Okay!

Recommended for ages 2-5. Still at home, preschoolers. 

My Brother Riley

A touching story about a young teen who has a younger brother with special abilities.  A glimpse into her daily life and how she copes.



 Recommended for ages 9-15, older children.

Could You Repeat That?

Central Auditory Processing Disorder

A story about what it is like to have Auditory Processing Disorder and how to cope.

Learn what some of the symptoms are and how they affect learning.

Recommended: Ages 8 and up

On Papa's Lap

A young boy trying to cope 

with his best friend, Papa, who is very

sick and dying. From a young child's point of view. 

Excellent book for grieving children.


Recommended for ages:  6-14

Christian Book  - Just Me Book Series

I Can't Sleep At Night

A story about a boy is is afraid to sleep at night as he struggles with his imagination.



Recommended Ages: 5-14

Christian Book - Just Me Series

Autism? No, what is it really?

Do you know someone who is denail of autism diagnosis?

This is a must have book. Helps to enable coping and understanding.

               Recommended for All Ages

The B Words



A story to help children

understand the difference between bullying and just not being nice.

Teaching Guide Available to print free on

    Recommended for All Ages


A funny book about the definition of what responsibility is to a child compared to an adult.

Recommended for All Ages.




A story about what it is like as a child to have anxiety. Strategies to cope and deal with anxiety.

Recommended for ages 8 and up.

Where Is God?


A book about helping Chrisian children understand God is everywhere. He is in everything. Great bedtime book. Excellent gift for  new born baby gift, Baptism or Christening.

Recommended for all ages.

Christian Book - Just Me Series

A Way Around Rude!




A funny story about "tricky" situations when you don't know what to say. How to be a little  bit respectful without being hurtful.

Recommended for all ages.



  A social story about how some don't "feel comfortable in their own fur."  We should not judge others and try to love one another. Acceptance.

A Cat Named Dog

Recommended for all ages.

Recommended for all ages.

Life Skills I

A book with a series of social stories for different situations that arise in life. A great book for chlldren to be better prepared for life.

 10 stories include:


  • What to do if I get lost?

  • How to treat a pet.

  • Getting my hair cut.

  • Going to the movies.

  • Visiting someone in the hospital.

  • Going to a birthday party!

  • Going out to eat.

  • I found a stray animal.

  • Going to the dentist.

  • Going to the carwash.



A book with a series of social stories for school situations. A new look on social stories for school with today's issues.


Life Skills II

Recommended for all ages.

10 stories include:


  • Worry about you!

  • My teacher made a mistake.

  • Amazing different.

  • Bug Blues.

  • Mistakes can be okay.

  • I like to talk when my teacher talks.

  • I don't feel like working.

  • Learning is boring.

  • I'm better than others.

  • Take time to take the test.

  • I'm so mad!



 With all the passionate opinions about politics it is easy to forget what it means to be patriotic and be kind to everyone, regardless of opinions. Children are confused when adults behave badly.

I'm Confused America!

America Divided?

Recommended school ages

Cancer Has Momma

A child explains what it is like coping with a parent's cancer diagnosis.

Recommended 5-10

The Lives YouTouch


The Lives You Touch is about a very sensitive subject and should be read with every age appropriate child. This book discusses a parent coping with a child who commits suicide. The hope is that it will provoke the child or person to think of how much pain they are causing to stop their pain, and seek other options. This book at the very least will open a discussion with you and your child about suicide and give you some insight to their thoughts and feelings. Prevent Suicide - attempt.

Recommended age - Pre- and young teens - teenagers and young adults. Sensitive subject. Parent discretion.

Fading Memory


A life skills social story book about understanding and coping with someone you care about that has Alzheimer's Disease. 

Recommended: All ages

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